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Dragon Dreams Exchange Results Show

Got word today that mine arrived safe & sound. And my gift from Annette came Friday, so here are the pics! From Annette: She also included a little tin of chocolates. Those did not survive until picture time, and I … Continue reading

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A post about cross stitching, REALLY

Cris’s Tradewinds UFO RR Before: And after (about 5-6 hours) I put in so few hours because I finished Cris’s Once Upon A Time. You remember, the chick with the dove. Anywho, I put in a bunch of time on … Continue reading

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Color me pissed

*Nothing* has gone right lately. DMC 321 apparently does have dye lots. So does Rainbow Gallery Fuzzy Stuff. Shit also makes me itch. The Post Office counter monkys are not only tragically stupid, they insist on inflicting themselves upon me, … Continue reading

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I've been tagged…

I think ’cause I’ve been lazy about posting this week. That’ll teach me. šŸ™‚ 8 Random Things – The Rules 1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves 2. People who are tagged write a blog post about … Continue reading

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Bring out your roaches

Just a quick post. Read this. Learn to build your own trap (lookĀ underĀ Resources). Now your mind is cluttered with more useless knowledge. I love blogging… And no, I won’t be going down and collecting my quarter. My bug guy is … Continue reading

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You’re serious? It’s freakin’ May?! May??? Where did April go? Where did Spring go? (Summer starts in May down here folks.) We’re in the second quarter and I’ve done pretty much nothing so far this year. The second quarter starts … Continue reading

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