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I am an impatient child

Halloween is up one day early! I simply couldn’t wait another minute. At the top and under Pages you’ll see the link for the 13 Days of Halloween. Nothing will be final until the 19th, and I’ve put it up … Continue reading

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Would you look at this?!

Jenn posted over on her blog my fantabulous Mirabilia RR. I am thrilled to death. Jenn stitched Poppy,  Sophia stitched Tiger Lily, Annette stitched Sweet Pea & I stitched Lilac. And look over to the right… the first of my … Continue reading

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A week?

Yeah, I guess it has been a week. In my defense I have been busy. 1. Finished September’s HoHRH block! Only 3 left. I can hardly believe the end is in sight. I even ironed it for picture time. Wow, … Continue reading

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What I did this Sunday.

(Besides wish Jeff Reed to hell, or at the very least to the nearest Sheetz bathroom. Douche. ) I put 2 more lengths of thread into Eek! House. It’s actually done all in colonial & french knots (so far I’ve … Continue reading

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Halfway There!

I stitched up my Halloween Fair & Square exchange today! I think my partner will like it, I checked her blog and she has this designer – but not this design. And it marks the halfway point on my 50 … Continue reading

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Cast Your Spells!

A post in which I toot my own horn. Muchly. First off I had fun with the Distress It. It was really easy to use, and I could’ve easily stopped before I got to this point. In fact I did. … Continue reading

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I'm just contrary

Remember how I stitched Salem Sisters with 1 over two? Well Cast Your Spells was supposed to be stitched that way too. Of course I did it my way, 2 over 2. (Thank you again Michelle for loaning me the … Continue reading

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In case you're wondering

It’s a lantern. What you thought my first shot would be a whole fairy? I started on the far right hand side. I’ll stitch the lanterns and then move on to The Leader of The Pack Fairy. I like it, … Continue reading

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A flurry of activity

Only 3 pictures to share but I did do a few things today. 1. Poor MMV, it’s lost it’s drawer (I keep all projects that have hope of being worked on in a 5 drawer cart next to my stitching … Continue reading

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#22 and Sad Kitty is Sad

Done, finish # 22! Washed out in the photo, the fabric is a great straw/splotchy/vintage feel linen Solo from Silkweaver. It’s probably 28ct. I used the called for Crescent Colors, but I stitched 1 thread over 2. I’m very happy … Continue reading

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