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All Buttoned Up

We’ll start with Crabby and move more and more off topic as we go… Obviously still in need of a wash & iron, but it is done! Made progress on the in-laws Christmas gift: Those two hours I spent down … Continue reading

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70 Degrees Outside

But it’s starting to look like Christmas inside. I finally finished up Kathy’s WNRR. Cobbled together from Brightneedle & Thistle Threads ornaments from JCS. I love those giant snowflakes. And Sunday during pre-game I made this: (still needs a ribbon) … Continue reading

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Exciting Stuff

Here in Missyland. Dh by virtue of being AWESOME at his job earned us a trip all expenses paid to Peter Island Resort. 5 days, 4 nights of OMG I can hardly wait!!!!!!!! And over on Smart Bitches, I entered … Continue reading

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Painting the kitchen

Sucks. I swear, 3 hours of taping (not counting the hassle of moving everything out & removing switchplates etc.) and then 7-8 hours of actual painting. Before: f*cking pink. Seriously who paints the entire downstairs of their house pink? I … Continue reading

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So much to talk about!

It’s hard to know where to start, so I guess I’ll do it chronologically. Sunday: A bit more DIY, this is a $12? (maybe it was less) auction buy. Did I need a vintage ashtray stand? Of course not, but … Continue reading

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Insert your own title, I got 'nuthin

Caught up on Crabby All Year: All together: I’m on a bit of a DIY kick. Well in the sense that I’ve lived in this house for 4 years now and it’s long past time for me to make it … Continue reading

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