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Enjoying your turkey coma?

I know I am. Love me some turkey. And tomorrow is turkey & dumplings – ambrosia in gravy.  Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m so proud of myself. For the first time I made my grandmother’s stuffing/dressing. It’s a giblet dressing and … Continue reading

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Up to not much good

I have been stitching & finishing – I just can’t show pics yet. 1, hasn’t been received yet. 2, hasn’t been mailed yet. 3, isn’t quite finished yet. But almost! I hit a snag today (which I was going to … Continue reading

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All Buttoned Up

We’ll start with Crabby and move more and more off topic as we go… Obviously still in need of a wash & iron, but it is done! Made progress on the in-laws Christmas gift: Those two hours I spent down … Continue reading

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Turkey Glamour Shots & Other Turkey Day Memories

First I baked pies (’cause I’m an American house frau and it’s part of the job apparently). Hehe! Victory is mine, barely any crackage. I was told they were delicious (I hate pumpkin pie – won’t touch the stuff). Buttermilk … Continue reading

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That's a nice sampler…

For me to POOP ON!!!!! (If you don’t get the joke go YouTube Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.) Shout out to Melissa C. who suggested it, and the dh for advocating stink lines. Thought I wouldn’t do it didn’t you? … Continue reading

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Since Wednesday

I have baked Nigella’s Nectarine and Blueberry Galette: It was ridiculously easy and delicious! I have shopped. (quel surprise!) With My Needle’s Bunnies in the Garden to feed my bunny fetish. kinky And Cricket Collection’s Wedding Angels. I don’t really like the design, the … Continue reading

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OMFG The Fried Pickles

I like to eat, a lot. Often and big quanities. Losing weight has been an experience. So has learning to eat a healthy balanced diet. But this gal can not live on healthy alone. The dh knowing this, introduced me … Continue reading

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Christmas Cookies

Today in Home Ec I made Paula’s Loaded Oatmeal Cookies. I’d say they turned out pretty good. Dh has already eaten 2 or 3. So my cookies skills while still not good, did not suck as badly as usual, (meaning the … Continue reading

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Gooey Goodness

I am so happy ds’s school has unbent enough to allow food to be brought in for parties. So I made Peanut Butter Brownies Ds really liked them & they have the added bonus of being something I don’t really like. … Continue reading

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