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Freakin' Steelers Lost

Pirate Quilt is being quilted, should be back to me by the second week of December. Plenty of time to attach the binding before Christmas. Famous last words, yes – but I SWEAR I’m going to get this done and … Continue reading

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Arrrrr 'Tis Sunday

And my Steelers don’t play until tomorrow night. I don’t care that they insist on sticking the Texans and Cowboys under my nose every Sunday; I’m not watching them. Unless it looks like the Cowboys will lose – at that … Continue reading

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It's killing me…

not being able to share my finishes for Halloween! I finished another project for y’all & have another 1/2 completed. And! I also finished my HOE Halloween exchange. I’m very sad about this, I want to keep it. Dh the … Continue reading

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A week?

Yeah, I guess it has been a week. In my defense I have been busy. 1. Finished September’s HoHRH block! Only 3 left. I can hardly believe the end is in sight. I even ironed it for picture time. Wow, … Continue reading

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What I did this Sunday.

(Besides wish Jeff Reed to hell, or at the very least to the nearest Sheetz bathroom. Douche. ) I put 2 more lengths of thread into Eek! House. It’s actually done all in colonial & french knots (so far I’ve … Continue reading

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A flurry of activity

Only 3 pictures to share but I did do a few things today. 1. Poor MMV, it’s lost it’s drawer (I keep all projects that have hope of being worked on in a 5 drawer cart next to my stitching … Continue reading

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What you came here for

Yeah Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In celebration, say something nice about my Stillers in the comments on this post and sometime in March I’ll send one random pick a “OMFG” floss tag. (march ’cause I gotta stitch it first)

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