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About that quilt…

There is so much prep work that I think I’m going to die. I was in class from 10am to 2:30pm today. Sorry I just can not get a good picture of this. What you’re looking at is a metric … Continue reading

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Just one of those days

Things haven’t gone horribly, but they haven’t gone well. I’m in a massive funk because for two days I’ve been trying to find a nice nightgown (heck, I’ll settle for slutty at this point) for the Island Vacation. I’m fat, … Continue reading

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The LK Exchange

Just saw the post from my partner that the Lizzie Kate I stitched for her arrived. This was the project where I was wondering, do I do something that may match her decor, or do I do what suits the … Continue reading

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A Sin of Omission

Alas there was no “Sinner Sunday” yesterday. Fear not; I will sin today. 😉 I was so close to a finish on HoHRH block 1 that I could taste it. And here it is for your tasting pleasure: In other … Continue reading

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Eighty bazillion hours later…

and this is all I have to show for it. House, incomplete. That still needs the second checkerboard color. Border, not finished. Grass – not even started. 1 block a month on HoHRH – laughable. I am going to have … Continue reading

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Joy, Squee, How am I going to pay for this?

OMG you guys! I am so excited!! About 2 weeks ago while surfing the blogs I saw a super-awesome, gotta have it, quilt. And that was a wip picture. Sadly on the blog there was no credits. The quilter had … Continue reading

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This is likely to be a rambler of a post. Cheryl is awesome. Both off my wishlist. OMG, love love love. And Cheryl is obviously in cahoots with Silkweaver or has the most awesome timing ever because Silkweaver’s got 18 … Continue reading

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To quote my husband

“There’ll be no living with her now.” I did finish off my Lizzie Kate exchange today, but no pictures yet. It goes in the mail Tuesday. Then I did a little bit more on the last MiraRR piece. I finished … Continue reading

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Who's got the button?

I do. Dh hit an auction today and came home with a few things. That big jar in back? That was filled to the top. I spent some time sorting and put them in little jars by color. How OCD … Continue reading

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Ok, so maybe not an all encompassing woot (round robin drama) but a pretty good day. I am mostly over my cold. I ran up the stairs today and felt no urge to puke. I’ll go to spin class tomorrow. … Continue reading

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