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A Finish!

I spent Saturday at the Harris County Democratic Convention (that’ll be its own post) it was very long but being a Smart Girl I brought along something to stitch: Sweetheart Tree’s Blue Mountain Bunny stitched on 32ct. Light Mocha Linen … Continue reading

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The crazy busy bits are over. Or at least they’d better be, and I’m back with a big update. First proud Mommy brag: That’s my boy! there with the big Walker across his back. He’s only been fencing since January 1st of this … Continue reading

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I hate to clean,

really really hate it. The dust is never ending! So is the cat hair. And if ds doesn’t start flushing the toliet every time I’m going to hurt the child. I haven’t stitched in days. I haven’t had time to read anything … Continue reading

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I Caucused So Hard…

For those living under a rock there was a causcus here in TX on Tuesday. If this is a surprise quit reading blogs and go read a newspaper. Now. So I go and vote Tuesday morning and go back @ 7:15pm for my local caucus. It was crowed and only a tiny bit disorganized, but no where … Continue reading

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I'm so sad

Friday night my Grandma died suddenly of a heart attack. I hadn’t seen her in over 2 years. She was getting into my Aunt Rosie’s van to drive down to PA from CT. I would’ve seen her Saturday morning. I can’t make it to the funeral. Andy’s having mid-terms and between his schedule and Winston’s it … Continue reading

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